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Some Assembly Required
Installing the Hardwood Floor Part 1
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With a trailer loaded with 3,000 lbs of flooring,
a side-by-side fridge, a double stack washer &
dryer, & stove, the trek to the mountains begins.

  Getting started right is the most important
  part of installing a hardwood floor.
  This is 4 1/2" x 3/4" thick pre-finished oak.

Using an air hammer made for installing
   hardwood, you pound with a hammer to
   release the air and drive the nail.

   In areas too close to the wall to
   toe nail, Bob used a 2" brad nailer on the
   face of the wood to hold the flooring in place.

Placing the stove in position.

  The kitchen is almost complete..

Moving in the fridge.

  The kitchen is now complete

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