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Some Assembly Required
Building the Kitchen
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Bob was going to build the cabinets
but getting then pre-built was too tempting

   There is still the task of leveling
   and permanently attaching the cabinets

To keep the cabin look we used
24" laminated wood for the counter tops

     Putting a 33" sink in a 36"
    sink base takes a bit of fitting.

We chose to put shelves on the
walls rather than cabinets.

   Lyda will put a picture behind the
   window over the sink for a better view :)

We used 1 x 12 boards for the
wall shelves and added on above
the window all around the room
for lots of knick knacks

 We were pleased with the way
  the kitchen turned out. We added
  3 coats of Polyurethane to the
  counter tops for protection

 Lyda is the ever diligent stainer
  and building a log cabin required
  lots of staining.

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