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Some Assembly Required
Odds and Ends Jobs
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Closing in the TeePee
the space above the hall
formed by the regluar trusses.

   There was a lot of cutting and
   fitting to finish the transition from
   the scissors trusses to regular trusses

We used some old doors we
purchased from Habitat for Humanity.
We also installed old locks.

     Lyda wanted to "decorate" the
     bathrooms so she found some branches
     for Bob to nail up as a frame. It is really neat.

Prior to his trip to the Middle East
Robbie and his girlfriend Kristi paid us a visit

   Standing beside the Blue Ridge
   Parkway Robbie, Kristi and Lyda

Robbie and Kristi riding
on the Smokey Mountain

  It is always good to take time out
  from work for a little recreation and
we all took a ride on the train.
One of the wonderful things to behold
in the mountains is the Rhododendron
blooming and these blooms were
just waiting for Bob to snap a picture.

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