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Some Assembly Required
Finishing the Fireplace & installing bathroom sink
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Installed plastic sheeting and lathe
on the floor before building hearth

   Laid 4" blocks on lathe and then
   covered them with concrete before rocks

Finishing putting all the rocks on the
hearth was a good feeling of accomplishment

     The finish product before cleaning
     with a bath of Muratic Acid

Muratic Acid helps remove the
mortar residue from the rocks

   Robbie and Mom pose by the
   finished fireplace.

Using some rough cut lumber Bob built
the framework for the bathroom sink bas

  Cutting out a hole for mounting
  the porcelain sink

Lyda always gets the fun job
of staining the wood.

   Bob always gets the fun job of
  hooking up the plumbing

Robbie installs the Wooden blinds

  and he mounts the ceiling fans

We were experiencing a lot
of humidity with the cabin being
closed up and the hot days
and cool nights. So, we installed
a dehumidifier to help remove
the moisture.

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