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Some Assembly Required
Working on Projects
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The Master Bath is taking shape
Notice the Old Ice Tongs that will
be used for a toilet paper holder.

  Lyda's first trip down on the
  Charlie Horse, under the watchful
  eye of the inventor himself.

Half the job is figuring out how
to do things, Bob and Dad are
contemplating the next step. 

Bob finishing the assemblyof the
log bed, won't it be nice to use it!

     Bob takes a break to figure out
     how to assemble the log bed.

Bob's settles down with a good book
at the end of a log day. He's wearing his
cap to keep the overhead bare light out
of his eyes. That's camping out in the cabin!

   Carrying a load down to the car,
   using the Charlie Horse sure
   beats struggling down the mountain
   with a load!

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