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Some Assembly Required
More work on the Charlie Horse
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With the tracks complete
it was time to build the cart.

     The cart was constructed from
    pressure treated 2x4s, 5/8" steel
   axles and 4 hard rubber tires.

Using a rope, we lowered the cart
onto the track to see if it would work..

    Bob's Mom standing by 4000 linear feet
   of 8" paneling that would be moved up on the Charlie Horse

We finished the cart by adding decking which
would support the material to be moved.

  We constructed a deck behind the ramps
   to hold an 8000lb battery powered winch.

Attaching the cable to the cart.

  A marine battery was connected
  and another test was conducted.


Bob was the first passenger,
a rock solid 220 pound test.

   It was a great sense of accomplishment
  for Dad and Bob to see the lift working.

Yep it's a long way down there

  A side deck was added to increase
  maneuverability when a load has
  reached the top.

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