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Some Assembly Required
Constructing the Charlie Horse
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Bob's Dad, Charles Gilmore (age 83), designed
and helped build a lift to take materials up the mountain.
We nicknamed it The Charlie Horse in his honor.
It took 5 days to construct, but proved to be the best
thing since sliced bread, as you will
see in the following pictures.

     An arduous task, digging post holes.

It took over an hour to dig each hole
busting up the rocks with a heavy wrecking
bar and using a manual post hole digger,.

    This is the second day of digging,
.   carrying sackrete, and plumbing
    the landscape timbers we used as support posts.

We dug little steps in the slope
to stand in as we worked..

  We used ropes to tie ourselves to the steps
   of the house to keep us from falling off the slope..

It was a relief to get those posts set.

   Then we added tracks made from 2x4s.

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