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Some Assembly Required
June 2003 work Begins Again
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First things first. Bob finally built some steps
from left over logs. Now it's easier to get in the cabin!!!!

     Lyda installs screen under the eaves to keep out
     unwanted critters until we have a chance to close it in properly.

Although it doesn't look like much, digging
in a mountain to install a sewer line is a BIG task!.
Every other shovel full of dirt required removal of rocks.

    Now, that's what is known as "fall" in
    a sewer line. Look out down there, somebody
    just flushed the toilet.

And Bob had to take that up there??????

  Not exactly Bob's favorite job,
    plumbing under the house.

Bob and Carey disassembling the bridge to repair
rotten timbers so power company's truck can safely cross.

    It took one very long day to tear out and
    rebuild the bridge. Now we can get electricity!!!!

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