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Some Assembly Required
Slope Access  - Investigating Railroad Car & Tracks and the Hill Climber
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One of the two slopes where we could have access to the house.
This slope has the least angle and is 85 feet long.

   This is the steepest slope, but it
   requires 35 feet less distance.

Rail Car built by the students of Rabin Gap Prep School.
It's design would be good with modifications
for the incline to make a wench pulled
cart to transverse the slope with the least angle.

   This is some narrow gauge track constructed at
   the Museum in Dillard, GA. This is 24 gauge track
   using 30lb rail. That's a bit heavy for us to work with.
   We would use 12lb rail which has a 1" surface for the wheel.


 The Hill Climber presents a fascinating method
  to transverse a slope. It has a seat and
  an area for transporting materials and can accommodate 700 lbs.

The Hill Climber has been used to climb slopes of over 200 feet.

   Using a cog system, the Hill Climber is safe and effective.

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