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Some Assembly Required
Trusses Arrive and are Erected
click on pictures for enlargements

 Truss truck about to get stuck

   Wrecker pulling out the truss truck

 Lyda in a hurry to take a
picture of the stuck truss
truck put on 2 different shoes

   Trusses on ground after being
   pulled off with the 4 wheeler

 They'll be comin' round the
mountain carryin' a truss

   That's a steep climb and it's
    slippery too!

Bringing it into the house

    Erecting the truss

Bob nailing a truss

   Half the trusses up

It's starting to look like a house

    Carey had a great suggestion for
    this area, finish it off on all sides
    and make a sleeping/play TeePee
    for children accessible from a
    ladder up the living room wall.

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