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Some Assembly Required
Building the Fireplace Wall
(the first day)
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Rocks, Plastic, Lathe and Mortar
All the ingredients for a stone wall,

   Putting up a frame around the
   perimeter of the stone wall area

The next step is to put plastic sheeting
on the wall where the mortar will be applied
This keeps the moisture from wicking into the logs

     With the plastic covering the
     area the next step is to put
     metal lathe over the plastic

Though difficult to see in this picture
the metal lathe has been nailed to the wall
covering the plastic sheeting..

   Bob mixes water with the Type N
   premixed dry mortar mix. For a larger job
   its is cheaper to buy Mortar, Sand and lime separately.

Applying the mortar to the metal lathe
Having the right moisture content was important

  By the end of the first day the
  base coat of mortar had been applied

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