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Some Assembly Required
More work in September 2003
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Bob's Mom supervisors from the parking area..

     Bob working on the plumbing,
   to install the drains.

Carey Evans installs the rest of the studs
necessary to prepare the walls
for more paneling.

  Bob cuts a hole in the overhang of the
  roof to allow for the fireplace enclosure.

 Bob and Dad work complete
   the structure for the fireplace

  Bob cuts while Dad constructs
  the fireplace enclosure from log

Dad works from the inside
and Bob works from the outside

It's dark thirty and we still aren't though

  We chose the butt and pass style
  for the corners of the fireplace enclosure
  so it would have the same look as the
  rest of the cabin. When it is stained it
  should blend in nicely with the cabin.

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