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Some Assembly Required
The porch - a perch for a birds eye view
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The porch provides a neat perch from
which to watch the creek and the area below

   Side view with porch added

      Notice cantilever structure which
      allows the porch to hang over the
      steep grade to the creek.

Lyda hangs on for dear life

Bob thinking about how much fun
it will be to build the railing to keep
Lyda from falling off the porch.

    A surprise visit from Barbara and
    Bob Wills gave Bob and Lyda a
    welcomed break from work.

That is Lyda way down there isn't it?

    Lyda welcomes the Wills

Wish we were sitting there right now!

Photo courtesy of Dave-Ft. Bragg, NC
   If you come and visit, you'll
   most likely see me up there
   looking down to see if you are
   looking up to see if I am
   looking down to see if you are
   looking up at me.

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